BajaTracking Order Form


Units will be shipped out 7 days before the event unless the pre-run option is also purchased. Pre-run shipping requests are a maximum of 3 weeks prior to contingency, no exceptions.

Units must be returned after the race, and a strict $100 per week late fee will be enforced. A Tracking Number must be provided when shipping your unit back (the renter has 1 week to return the devices from the end of the race).

Additional messages will be charged out at $0.25 per incoming and outoging message.

You are responsible for your lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged satellite devices. The unit replacement cost is $849.00 USD each. If a satellite device is damaged but not destroyed, you will only be charged for the repairs.

Note: Power Cables and RAM Mounts will begin shipping out starting March 1st, 2018.

Step 1

Team and Contact Information

Please enter the Driver Name, Team Name and Team Number for use on our Live Map. If you plan on renting more than one device, enter multiple Driver Names and Team Numbers.

Additionally, contact information is required in the event we need to contact you regarding your order.

For any questions, concerns or comments regarding the ROMTraX device or BajaTracking's provided services, please call, text or e-mail: Rentals can be returned to the following address:
  • Baja Tracking Returns
  • 2652 E. 3580 S.
  • St. George, UT 84790